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Anti cockroaches Company in Abu Dhabi

Cockroach is one of the many insects found in homes and workplaces, and has caused inconvenience to many of us .. Especially as it may be the cause of the transmission of diseases and infecting family members diseases if climbed on foods ... Read more

Ant Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Ants do not cause the transmission of diseases among family members, but ants of various types, especially black ants, may be present in the home or workplace, which can cause significant inconvenience, especially if there is sugar or sugar-containing products... Read more

Anti termites control Company in Abu Dhabi

Termites are insects that live in the ground, and this name is due to the fact that the color tends to white, and is a widespread insect, and feeds mainly on cellulose found in the woods of various trees and
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Mice Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Mice can cause significant damage to furniture, wood and other things inside companies and homes.In addition, mice can cause infection among family members because of what the mice do with home foods,
which can cause ...
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Spider Control Company in Abu Dhabi

There are several different types of spiders, which produce approximately 1600 eggs in their lives, and may spread widely on the walls of the house or workplace, and to combat spiders you can contact the company Creativity Stars to fight spiders. Signs of the presence of spiders ..... Read more

Bed Bug Control Company in Abu Dhabi

The color of the insect bed bugs tends to brown color and is a small insect and flat, and is one of the insects able to fully adapt to the existing ocean, whether cold or hot, and feed on the absorption of blood, especially human blood, and active insects at night, and hide throughout Daytime. Read more

Mosquito Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Mosquitoes are one of the small insects that can be easily seen through the eye, they are considered one of the family of flies, found in grass and standing water .. The duration of survival of female mosquitoes survive to 9 months Read more

Textile Pest Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Tissues may contain many different pests that cause great damage and losses to companies, and we also through the rupture it does in clothing, carpets and tissues .. To preserve materials from danger and to avoid losses contact the best company to control insect pests... Read more

Flea Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Flea feeds on the blood of animals and birds, and is one of the parasites where it is miserable on the human body or animal, where it feeds from the blood, and because of its frequent movement from one body to another is one of the pathogenic insects... Read more

Snake Control Company in Abu Dhabi

The snake is called many names, perhaps: Alhia, Alem, eye and other names that have each type, and the living period of snakes ranges from 15 to 25 years, and cause snakes a great danger to humans, if you find a snake at home or workplace do not hesitate Contact ..... Read more

Fighting birds Company in Abu Dhabi

Bird counter | Pigeons and seagulls are considered one of the most annoying birds for humans, which is the cause of chaos and the destruction of private buildings, if you suffer from the inconvenience and see that the pigeons and seagulls have caused damage in your home or work place,... Read more

Aleta Control Company in Abu Dhabi

You may see the name strange, but it is one of the widespread insects, and are found in the place of bed sheets and pillows, and insect breeding significantly if left in place for a large period of time. If you see this insect at home..... Read more

Flies Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Flies are beneficial and harmful in human life, there are hundreds or a thousand different types around the world of flies .. Fly flies abundantly during the summer and is characterized by small size .. With the large presence of flies in the home or... Read more

Wasps Fighting Company in Abu Dhabi

Zanzibar, or as the Hornet is called, is one of the insects that can cause great inconvenience to us at home or workplace. If you suffer from this type of insect, our team at Creativity Star is ready to completely eliminate wasps safely And using methods.. Read more

Food Insect Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Food can infect a large group of harmful insects that damage food stored in the home or stores dedicated to the preservation of grain, fruit may also affect a group of harmful insects, and to solve this problem should contact with the creativity of the stars to control food insects .. Read more

Licorice Control Company in Abu Dhabi

Weevil of insects belonging to the family of beetles, characterized by small size, and carry a dark color, known to all that it is a pest very harmful to agricultural crops .. The number of species beetles more than 65 thousand species .. Read more
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