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we provide a professional team capable of combating all types of insects and cleaning to become the best company in Abu Dhabi.

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A leading company in the field of pest control and cleaning

Star Creativity has a history of doing business in the UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi, in combating insects and rodents of all kinds using harmless tools for human health.

Our solutions

we offer a variety of services in cleaning, pest control and rodents.

Anti cockroaches

Star Creativity is concerned with fighting cockroaches in Abu Dhabi by using the best means to eliminate cockroaches permanently without leaving any trace.


Technicians within Star Creativity Company are working to control mice by using the latest methods to control mice without leaving any impact on human health.

Anti bed bugs

Due to the name of bed bugs by this name to be located near the places of rest and sleep is one of the annoying insects to humans, and to get rid of it must be used the best means.


There are two types of ants .. The first is known as ant anemia and I am black ants, and although they face constantly at home, they do not cause any disease.

Star Creativity for Fighting insects, rodents and mice

We started in Abu Dhabi in 1991 with an integrated insect control strategy which led us to be considered one of the best companies in the UAE market.
The team at Star Creativity is managed by trained engineers to ensure the accuracy and quality control of each of the services available to customers.
Star Creativity for pest control and cleaning gives the utmost importance to the integrated management program. We are one of the rare companies that possess international quality certificates.

ISO 9001 Quality Management
ISO 14001 Quality Management/h5>
ISO 18001 Quality Management

Approvals and certificates

Approvals and certificates obtained by Star Creativity Company in Abu Dhabi

Waste Management Center Recycling Center for Creativity Stars Approval of Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council for Star Creativity ISO certificate

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