Answer some of the questions concerning the Star Creativity for pest control ...

How can I booking to Pest Control service?

Communication through one of the following methods:

Phone Number:

By email :- info@starcreativity.ae

Or through one of our pages on social networks: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram

What does Star Creativity offer?

Star Creativity Company provides many services in pest control and cleaning within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi ... 

Do you need to be in the place during the process of pest control or cleaning? 

You are not required to be in place during the cleaning or control process, where the creativity of the star company credibility and honesty in the implementation of the work, so we will do the fullest possible, either the presence or lack of presence is this option for you.

Is there a guarantee for pest control or cleaning service?

If the service has been implemented and you are not happy with it you can contact us and we will re-evaluate and insect control again within 24 hours.

How much time does it take to fight insects or clean inside the home or workplace? 

Time is determined based on space and number of rooms, but before contracting and commencing execution you will be informed of the exact time of completion of the service.

How many workers will come to provide service? 

The number of workers is also determined by the amount of work, whether small or large, but often 3 people are sent to the place and the number increases as the work is larger.

Is payment required before the service is implemented?

No prepayment is required before the service is implemented. You have the option to either pay before execution or after execution.


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